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Teenacers and LoopEducation Partnership

I am excited to share my story and my interview with our partners at LoopEducation! We talked about what motivated me to develop Teenacers, my best experience or growth moment with Teenacers, and about how Teenacers changed and adapted since it began.

As partners, we share a mission; to help students. LoopEducation, employs post-secondary students as strategists, who are able to leverage their lived experience by giving back to the community and acquiring meaningful work experience. Their expert strategists offer crucial academic consulting services to students at an affordable rate.

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

The goal of Quality Education motivates their values. They aim to make a positive difference in the world by creating meaningful and equitable social change in the educational sector.

Their goal is to promote equitable access to quality education. Specifically, by encouraging higher education to those lacking the resources and employing post-secondary students as strategists.

Read my full interview with our partners at LoopEducation and check out this group of dedicated young professionals making an impact everyday!

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