At Teenacers, our mission is to develop teachers, coach grown-ups, and teach teens the mindset alignment practices that empower individuals, families, and teams to communicate, lead, and solve interesting problems better together. Teachers, teens, and grown-ups will learn the language tools for meaningful communication, the mindset practices that enable them to feel grounded, and the mindfulness and awareness to go through adolescence conscious, awake, and supported. 


Teenacers creates meaning in the adolescent experience. It creates a container that holds the challenges that individuals face during this time of transitioning into adulthood. Teenacers also works with young adults in supporting them through major and challenging transitions in their life, while the other aspect of coaching teachers serves as mentorship and professional development for beginning teachers.

(Yanna) Joanne Papadopoulos coaches teachers, teens, and grown-ups and has been featured in Authority Magazine and Thrive Global. Yanna has been a teacher for the public board in Calgary for 16 years. She is a college instructor, a professional development workshop facilitator for educators, the Vice president of Seeds Connections Organization Leadership Program, and founder and owner of Teenacers. Yanna holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts, a Bachelors of Education, and a Masters in Educational Leadership from Gonzaga University.



Motivation is an action, not a feeling; self-esteem is a verb, not a noun. 

Teenacers is designed to work inside a coaching model based on the Indigenous Ways of Knowing that addresses the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of life. Its focus is on leadership, mindset, and self-esteem, and offers strategies rooted in changing the language we use in order to shift our perspectives and the way we communicate with each other.

Finding The Road To Travel
A Safe Space To Share And Learn
One-on-One Coaching
Working Together
Goal Setting
Drawing A Bright Future
Speaking The Same Language
A Shared Classroom
Strategies To Build Leadership
Getting You There
Guiding The Way
For The Love Of Learning


Packages Include:

Group Coaching, Team Building, and

Professional Development

Virtual One on One Sessions and Workshops 

Innovative Solutions that Inspire Teams to Learn Together

Globally Accessible Using all Virtual Platforms

Over the Phone and Email Support Between Sessions

Yanna has this indescribable aura and positive energy that easily draws individuals in and allows them to both trust her and trust in themselves. She makes you feel listened to, cared for, and easily shares her wisdom with you. Even in the most anxious of states, her calmness overpowers you. Her caring eyes, her calm voice and her well-chosen words always reassure you that you will be okay.





626 15TH AVE S.W. CALGARY, AB. T2R 0R5

My child experienced great difficulty transitioning from junior to senior high. At the same time, they were also diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression. During this dark time an extraordinary teacher named Ms. P. (Yanna) appeared in my child's life.

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Speaking The Same Language

My experience gives me the ability to bridge the gap of communication between teens and their families, peers, and schools. I coach teens in finding ways they can articulate their thoughts and advocate for themselves in an empowered way that leads them in creating a resilience mindset.