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I have been teaching at a professional level since 2005, but have been involved in teaching, in some shape or form, since 1997. Many students I’ve taught are still in contact with me till this day. My teaching experience, combined with my education, organizations, associations, and higher education institutions I work with have shaped my understanding of teens and young adults.


My humble beginnings trace back as an art instructor for a local art company. I was mentored and given a chance to teach, by a local artist and entrepreneur, way before I had completed my schooling. I had embarked on a journey of being mentored and empowered by the most talented and gifted educators and leaders. For some, I had the honor of working with, and some I had the honor of studying with in my early years, and later in grad school. All of these thought leaders shared one common characteristic, they asked me the right questions. They taught me how to think, rather than what to think. These mentors instilled in me that although we all have the same education, we have different areas of expertise, passions, talents, and our own niche that sets us apart from the crowd and helps us create a life and career that is fulfilling and rewarding.


I this for the teachers, parents, an the teens I work with. My passion is self-discovery, early in life, and giving individuals the tools to light up their own path and unleash their own potential. As someone who has been lucky enough to have had many coaches and mentors on my journey empowering me, I empower others who are embarking on theirs.

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