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Get inspired and build momentum during this 30-minute session! You will get an overview of the plans and strategies of how to use the reflective tools and leadership strategies to get you on the right path!

Complimentary call with Yanna and access to a FREE course 

30 Minute Virtual Evaluating Session

Enter your email to get access to my Mindset Alignment Practices (MAPs) Framework FREE 45 minute course overview replay.

Book your complimentary Q&A call and get access to my FREE course 

Ask me about my one on one coaching plans for teachers, teens, and parents.

You’ve found the happy medium! Covering all the practices, you get to design your own road map! 

Teacher Growth Group Plan Monthly Membership

A weekly 60 minute group session. This group coaching for teachers integrates a conscious approach to managing stress and burnout. Ask me about our monthly onboarding and enrollment!


Let’s get you there faster! Starting with an area of focus, these 8, one on one, sessions will give you a personal insight, be able to go through the 4 phases of the Teenacers model in more depth and gain more strategies in how to make leadership a part of daily life. 

Parent/Guardian Growth Group Plan

Monthly Membership

Welcome to the village! A weekly 60 minute group coaching session with myself and other grown-ups Ask me anything about your teens and learn from each other. These group coaching sessions are prepared and facilitated based on our groups needs. Ask me about the onboarding process and enrollment!


The whole package! These personalized, comprehensive sessions are covered over the course of 3 months. This package begins with a teen and parent ‘wish list’ and is designed to continually align goals to vision. 

Teen Growth Group Plan

Monthly Membership

60 minute weekly session with myself and other teens. This is a safe space for teens to learn strong leadership and communication skills together. Sessions will be designed around the Teenacers approach and will allow time for discussions and questions on the group's growth plan.


Whether you are entering the next grade, or a new school, this package will prepare you in terms of academic planning, how to manage your time and your course load, how to use the supports in your school, how to maximize your potential as a leader, how to make connections with teachers and peers, and how to utilize the Teenacers tools to stand out in the crowd!

University, Career, and Life Growth Plan

 a discounted monthly membership of 2 x 60 minute one on one monthly sessions supporting active students, graduating students, and career seekers. 


Building a collective brain through team building! This session is ideal for small community groups, teams of any sort, new organizations, leadership camps, or friend groups willing to take on the leadership challenge together! 

Community and Youth Team Seminar

90 Minute Session

customized to the needs and growth targets of the community group, youth group, or club. This virtual live seminar offers a 45 minute presentation and

45 minute participant discussion

and Q & A session. 


It takes a village’ approach! Whether you are a community group, camp, new organization, or business, this seminar will meet your needs with coaching strategies to help you solidify your vision, leadership capacity, planning, goal setting, and building meaningful relationships with your peers. 

Start UP Team Leadership

Workshop / Seminar

 120 minute session designed around mindset, leadership, and communication strategies to help young teams solve interesting problems better together.


A great way to bond and grow for siblings and grown-ups is to learn and explore their potential and capacity together! Become a great leader with your family who will share in this experience and support one another along the way!  

Family Workshop

180 minute workshop targeted to your needs while integrating the Mindset Alignment Practices that help parents and siblings lead, understand, communicate, and work better together. 


This is a thorough, deep dive into sensitive topics. Participants need to be ready to engage and grow together.

We will plan our session based on the areas the team would like to address.

Inclusivity Training

 4 hour virtual workshop

 in personal and professional development for teams actively growing their understanding and awareness of LGBTQ+2S, First Nations, Metis, Inuit, and Anti-Racism.


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