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Growth Plan and Workshop Details

All packages include a complimentary 30 minute meet and greet to go over session objectives, additional support between sessions, and progress reporting.All prices are in Canadian funds.

Ask about monthly payment options for your plan.

Get inspired and build momentum. During our time together, you will get an overview of the phases and strategies of how to use the reflective tools and leadership strategies to get you on the right path, with the tools to feel empowered to design your road map to success! 

Let’s get you there faster! One on one, sessions will give teens a personal insight to be able to go through the phases of the Teenacers model in more depth, and gain more strategies in how to make leadership a part of daily life. You will also be added to the mailing list to receive home coaching tips, for both teens and parents!

These personalized, comprehensive sessions are designed to continually align goals to vision. This allows for teens to have extra time to not only learn reflective leadership strategies but to also apply them in between sessions.  Home coaching narratives sent to parents/guardians via email, post session, are personalized and reflective of our sessions, phone or text ‘check-ins’, and a complimentary session to be offered anytime during our partnership, when needed. You will be added to the mailing list to receive additional home coaching tips, for both teens and parents!

University and Career Growth Plan

Prepare in terms of academic planning, how to manage your time and your course load, how to use the supports in your school, how to maximize your potential as a leader, how to make connections with teachers and peers, and how to utilize the Teenacers tools to stand out in the crowd! Sessions will explore all 4 phases of the Teenacers model and focus on your personal traits and vision. 

Get ready to Ace it through: 

Personal reflection and metacognitive learning skills 

Realizing obstacles and overcoming blocks

Guided conversation skills 

Group skills and initiative taking through volunteering opportunities 

Empowerment and confidence in groups through improving self-concept 

Academic planning and career match 

Academic prep on writing and verbal articulation 

Goal setting and vision building 

Leadership building  

Communicating, advocating, and building relationship with teachers and peers

Community Seminars

‘It takes a village’ approach! Whether you are a community group, camp, new organization, or business, this seminar will meet your needs with coaching strategies to help you solidify your vision, leadership capacity, planning, goal setting, and building meaningful relationships with your peers. This session will be personalized to the group requesting the seminar.

Family Workshops

Prices and bookings can be arranged on a sliding scale to accommodate families who can declare financial hardship. Scheduling of workshops can be recorded to be shared and saved for review. We will work together so you can work better together. 

Team Training

A great way to bond and grow in a team is to learn and explore your potential and capacity together! Become great leaders and share in this experience while supporting one another along the way! It is a powerful way to team build and gain insight into how you can grow and empower one another. The sessions cater to the needs of the group, are interactive, and offer the participants the tools they need, depending on the direction they want to taketo approach and overcome challenges. Sessions will be personalized to the group requesting the seminar.



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