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Targets for teachers and families

Here are some of the areas we will focus on during our coaching sessions with teachers, teens, and parents

- personal reflection and metacognitive skills

- realizing obstacles 

- guided conversation skills 

- collaboration skills and initiative taking 

- empowerment and confidence through improving self-awareness 

- goal setting and vision building

- leadership building  

- communicating, advocating, and building relationship with, teens, teachers, and peers

Teens Need Their Own Approach

For every stage of learning we have an approach that will fit

For Teens in Middle School ​

The Focus Becomes:

- transitioning to middle school 

- transitioning to high school

- academic planning


- advocating for self

- articulating ideas

- confidence in presenting and speaking 

- developing leadership attributes in and out of school 

- time management skills and balance

- reflective learning strategies and organizational skills 

For Teens in High School 

The Focus Becomes:

- transition into high school

- transition out of high school 

- academic planning and course selection

- talent and niche discovery, and personal development

- reflection and metacognition

- presentation and speaking skills

- self-awareness and self-concept in and out of school

- relationships and networking through leadership and community building

- leadership opportunities and practice in and out of school

- career matching 

For Gap Year Teens / Entering University 

The Focus Becomes:

- academic planning 

- time management

- career matching

- leadership building and awareness

- reflection and growth

- creativity and niche

- personal and professional development 

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