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Set UP and Process

The initial meeting is the foundation of the coaching partnership between parents, teens, and coach. It is crucial that the parents, the teens, and the coach have an opportunity to express where they are and where they want to be.


In our initial meeting, I conference with the parents. We discuss struggles, obstacles, areas of growth, vision, and expectations. I then conference with the teen, where we discuss school life, academic planning, obstacles, and goals. I structure the sessions based on this information and around the Teenacers Model. We distinguish between results and goals at this starting point and we build a road map with the teen. One on one sessions begin with a check-in on the week, or weeks that preceded the last meeting.


We focus on building capacity in overcoming obstacles, building a mindset, and achieving our goals. Home coaching support aligns with my work as a coach, meeting the teens where they are, and building a partnership between teens, parents, and myself in achieving success.


Coaching requires parents and teens who are engaged and open to applying the language that supports the coaching process. One on one sessions take place in learning hot-spots around the city, like public libraries or bookstores, even coffee shops in your area. Online or video sessions are an option.


Sessions are confidential between coach and teen. Even in group sessions, it is crucial that teens feel that they have a safe place to learn and grow.

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