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assessment chart

you know you are ready to start on your path of developing healthy self-esteem if:

You know you are starting to develop healthy self-esteem when:

You use words like, “I wish,” “if only,” “someday,” “I want,” “wouldn’t it be nice,” etc. 

You become defensive and avoid seeing where you abdicate responsibility for your choices and actions

You are afraid of confrontation and you think that you have to retreat or fight to get what you need

You can’t maintain boundaries in some areas of your life

You are afraid to move ahead with new ideas or guidance

You say one thing but do another

You hide the truth from yourself

Your self-talk is toxic and damaging 

You make vision boards and goal lists but can’t seem to follow through

You want to make changes in your life but you don’t know where to start

You are intimidated and wiped out by another person’s success 

Your idea of self-esteem is “warzone,” or “playground,” self-esteem 

You use specific dates and timelines when you are referring to your goals

You are able to declare your needs by taking ownership, explaining, and articulating your thoughts 

You know how to enter a difficult situation because you know who you are and what you stand for

You have a strong personal value system that you are willing to never deviate from 

You have the courage to take on new ideas and guidance because you are not afraid of failing or making mistakes

Your words align with your actions

You are vulnerable, open, honest with yourself and others without worrying about being criticized

You are kind to yourself and you allow for growth and flexibility

You have a solid process of scaffolding and committing to your goals based on your personal values, agreements, and commitments

You know who your “fantasy empowered self” is and you have calculated steps in becoming that person

You admire and learn from success and you empower others to do the same

Your idea of self-esteem is taking ownership and a willingness to change your life

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