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5 Things We Can Do to Begin Walking Together as a Society

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

1. Understanding that leadership is as much about leading others, as it is about letting others lead. It is collaborative, not authoritative; the ability to see lives and texts are braided together, rather that separate and independent.

2. Multiple perspectives; reframing the organization and decision making to include multiple perspectives and to hear from voices and stories we didn’t have a chance to hear from.

3. Unmaking the dominant narratives; challenging and unlearning the narratives we have been taught through mainstream education that has taught the structures of power that perpetuate stereotypes and maintain the status quo.

4. Culture Continuity; creating cultural continuity in the workplace and education systems. Embracing a level of cultural integration beyond the level of “reasonable accommodation” or “cultural appropriation.” Amplifying leadership at the grassroots level.

5. Decolonize our minds; We fear change because we believe it will contribute to loss of power. Understanding that power and privilege were not rightfully anyone’s to keep.

We are in an arena that is modeled after colonialism. It only benefits those already in power. If we don’t identify “others” as an identity, we will become more and more oppressive in our systems to maintain power.

Coach Yanna

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