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How do the Indigenous ways of knowing and being help us see life as a cycle rather than a ladder?

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Indigenous ways of knowing and being advocate for the 4 seasons of life and 4 seasons of the year.

We all need time, to not only retrieve and rejuvenate during the winter, we eventually need to reflect and slow down at certain points in our lives in order to create and actualize our goals and dreams. Somehow, we have been caught in the phase of our lives where we are always pursuing. Life has become a ladder, rather than a cycle. If we deviate from the plan, or question the social and gender norms, we are criticized and questioned about our choices, or even our sanity. Our tribe is always there to pick us up when we fall, but if we deviate from the plan, in efforts to carve our own path, to break away from the dominant narratives, the encouragement is not always there.

It is not natural to live our lives in order, and yet, we feel like we must to be part of the collective and feel belonging; to survive. Fear settles in. Fear of the future. Fear of our safety. We feel alone and struggle to find support, approval, validation. As a society, we gravitate to sameness, and when you are not the same, you are simply that, different. It is hard to be different and always having to explain yourself. It is a form of discrimination.

Coach Yanna

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