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Teens and Praising

Teens know that the “real world” praises accomplishments. We reward results rather than process. Although that works well in the workforce, the teens that succeed in that type of learning environment are the ones who have the matchups to do so. The ones who are fast to respond, able to concentrate and work with distractions, social extroverts, and the ones who don’t have any learning and mental barriers.

That is essentially a fraction of students. Most teens are hesitant to participate because they fear being judged, made fun of, or corrected. Do we need to give an award to each kid for showing up? No. But we need to reward for courage in participating, including others, asking questions and being part of the learning. By them not taking part in this process, they are not only robbing themselves of the opportunity to grow and learn, but also the chance for the learning process to scaffold and unfold.

Coach Yanna

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