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What Narratives Are We Telling Ourselves?

I love this coaching tool. It takes some time to work through this one. First, you begin by asking yourself a series of questions:

What is something that makes you mad?

That animates something in you?

That makes you feel rage?

Then, once you have answered those questions, begin to ask yourself:

What is the story you tell yourself?

After each trigger, comes a story. When documented, or journaled, this story tends to repeat itself. This is how you can point out feelings of self-worth and guide teens to self-regulation. It becomes clear to them that it’s not the trigger they need to avoid or manage, it’s that same story they tell themselves over and over again.

It’s the story, or the narrative, that needs the attention. It most commonly sounds like: “the story I tell myself is that they don’t care about me.” Sound familiar? Yes, adults say this too. The hard work in coaching comes from distinguishing the “story” and the “truth.”

Coach Yanna

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