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7 Ways to Prevent Team Burnout

What advice would I give to leaders to help their team to thrive and avoid burnout?

1. Encourage the team to take care of themselves, their health, and their family.

2. Know how to pace the team and when to recognize that the workload is taking a toll on them.

3. Notice changes and how those signal the team to slow down. When we ignore the whispers our teams send us, we will then be greeted with the cosmic 2 by 4 later.

4. Another suggestion is to eliminate unnecessary meetings. Craft a way of sending and receiving feedback from the team in a short and concise way.

5. Manage the email flow. With most of us working online and remotely, the waves of emails can become overwhelming.

6. Structure forums that would eliminate the “reply all” emails and funnel them into a discussion forum that will not distract people who need not be receiving them.

7. Allow for re-group and team building, but also allow for people to opt out. Teams are made up by different personalities. Some are extroverts and feel rejuvenated by interacting with others, and some need time to retrieve and reflect.

At Teenacers, our mission is to develop teachers, coach grown-ups, and teach teens the mindfulness awareness practices that empower individuals, families, and teams to communicate, lead, and solve interesting problems better together. Teachers, teens, and grown-ups will learn the language tools for meaningful communication, the mindset practices that enable them to feel grounded, and the mindfulness and awareness to go through adolescence conscious, awake, and supported.

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