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What Does Money Mean To You?

In your journal, answer the following questions:

What are your key relationships with money? It is about giving and receiving nourishment? Money is energy, and this nourishment is connected to how you give and receive nourishment to your body, spirituality, relationships, and your soul. It helps us investigate our feelings of enough-ness and most importantly, understand how and what legacy we leave with our money.

How do you feel about people who have money? Are they nice? Did you not expect them to be nice? What is the social narrative that you have grown up with? We start with how do you feel about people who save money? Do you look at them as someone who is in control? Do you envy that control? How do you feel about people who spend money? Does it make you feel like they are free? Do you envy that? Or do you have fear around that?

Money amplifies who we are. What do you want to do with what you have? Where do you settle with your money? So, where do you feel like you need to buy something that is not the best, or something you feel obligated to because you had negotiations? For every one of these questions, draw a parallel between that and your body, relationships, and your spirit.

What was your motivation behind making money? Was it to get out of your home town? Was it freedom from your family? Was it to replace love? Was it to prove a point to others?

Set up a list of what you want your money to do.

For example,

Money will make me feel safe.

Money will make me feel abundant.

Money will make me feel like I have guaranteed old age income.

Money will make me feel like I can experience adventures with friends.

Money will make me feel like I can have luxury items, etc.

Notice how these are also connected to your body, spirit, and relationships. Replace the word “money” with the word “relationships” and see how that resonates.

By doing this, you’ll get a good sense of how you feel about money. Then, I want you to create different accounts of where all these functions of money are going. So, set up an account for adventure, items, old age, abundance, etc. Decide on how much goes into it every month. This is something you can sustain for a lifetime. Know that every month, your money grows, doubles actually. Watch this grow. This is about what your money can do for you as energy. The feelings of gratitude will open up the blocks for this energy. You will start feeling comfortable with safety and abundance.

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