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Full Circle Weekend Retreat

A mindfulness and wellness workshop hosted by Yanna Papadopoulos, Amber Pavey, Adonia Tsakalakis, and Alice Sirounis, in Calgary, to help you reset and bring balance into your life.

Why do I do this? And, why now?

Looking back at all the times I felt stuck, it had nothing to do with any external factors, but mostly to do with the dialogue inside my own head. The last few months have presented even more challenges to our mindset. How do you stay present and aware during these times?

It took courage to figure out my "loop." It took effort to become conscious of where I was placing blame, how I was disempowering myself, and where I needed to take action, create progress, and make changes in my life. In the last year, these tools have not only been vital to me, but they have helped me support others.

I thought, “if I can do so much damage to myself, use up all this energy, let me see what I could do if I were to see where I lose energy, place blame, and where I need to take action to find my own way in life?” I started asking myself some tough questions. I realized that, by doing that, I made myself available to some powerful answers. I am inviting you to be part of this empowering journey as well!

How many times did you take a detour in your pathway? How many times did you say that it’s not the right time? Or, how many times did you say that you will get to working on what you know in your heart is your calling, but you told yourself you’ll do it when the stars are aligned? If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving sideways, parallel to your goals and destiny. It feels more like life is living you, rather than you being alive. We need to focus on our mental and physical wellbeing now, more than ever.

Your mindset, including negative self-talk, limiting beliefs, and personal narratives, are damaging because they go unchecked; they are inherited, learned, and habitual. You have developed and sustained practices that give you the false sense that, by treating yourself this way, will lead to improving yourself. This is a learned behavior that can be unlearned. The only way to unlearn this is to recognize these patterns and dynamics that you have normalized and continue to keep you trapped in the same cycle, year after year. If you don’t address your mindset, you won’t get on with your life.

During this retreat, I will be offering my Mindset Awareness Practice (MAP), a 4 hour workshop that applies an intuitive method for introspection and self-discovery, through a 6 step program, that leads to a concrete plan of action. By using effective language tools, and asking the right questions, MAP will shift you from awareness to action, from thinking to doing, and from “fine” to fierce. You will begin to see life, and things that are “happening to you,” as lessons, guidance, and opportunities for growth and progress. You will feel clear and empowered to pivot in your relationships, career, finances, and body. You will recognize the power of your thoughts, spirit, and values. You will begin the journey of really getting to know who you are, and how you need to grow, in order to capture your visions and become open to receiving them.

I’m beyond excited to have this team come together after months of planning and co-creating to help bring back connection and meaning making. Reimagine, Reunite & Rejuvenate your mind, body & soul. Take a journey back to yourself. Join our team for a one of a kind experience.

Our team of guides and coaches will lead you through a transformational weekend like no other.

Enjoy 2 full days of guided meditations, outdoor exploration, mindset coaching, art mindfulness, yoga & somatic exploration to return to yourself.

Check out to register or email Yanna to secure your spot at

Limited Capacity Investment $197

What do you get? 16 hours of instruction, by 4 facilitators, who are committed and dedicated to helping you navigate through wholeheartedness. Reach out to me and find out how I can support you. With Kindness and Gratitude,

Coach Yanna


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